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Kalp Amla (Indian Gooseberry) oil-100% Pure & Cold Pressed
  • Kalp Amla (Indian Gooseberry) oil-100% Pure & Cold Pressed

    • All-natural Amla Oil: Extracted through the cold pressing of fruit from Amla plant
    • Stimulates healthy hair growth, prevent hair breakage, split ends and loss of hair.
    • Eliminates Dandruff: Amla oil has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties which is best for scalp to prevent dry skin , skin flaking & dandruff.
    • A great source of vitamin C and nutrition for the hair to improve hair texture and shine
    • Prevents Hair Loss : If you are experiencing premature hair loss or hair breakage, your hair might be lacking the moisture it needs, or you may have an infection on your scalp. Whatever the reason, you need to boost the strength of your hair follicles and stimulate growth, which amla oil is known to do.
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