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Kalp Camphor Essential Oil
  • Kalp Camphor Essential Oil

    100% Pure Natural Oil, Pure & Therapeutic Grade Oil very Good For Aromatherapy Oil.

    High Quality Bottles Plus Free Glass Dropper - We Use High Quality Amber Colored Glass bottle To Protect Essential Oils Against Sunlight And Degradation. We Also Provide A Free Glass Dropper As well as inert plug To Help You Easily Use Just A Few Drops Of Oil At A Time.

    Kalp Camphor Essential Oil Emits An Intense Penetrating Scent, Which Makes It An Effective Insect Repellent, Especially For Moths And Flies. White Camphor Oil Is A Popular Ingredient For Moth Balls, Which Is Used In Clothes And Linens.

    DIRECTIONS-: Do not apply without dilution directly on your skin, mix few drops of essential oil with appropriate carrier oil.

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