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Kalp jojoba Carrier Oil - 100% Natural & Cold Passed
  • Kalp jojoba Carrier Oil - 100% Natural & Cold Passed

    100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Moisturizer For Face, Skin, Hair & Nails For Sensitive & Dry Skin

    Skin Disorders : It is good choice for skin disorder like eczema and rosacea . Jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing redness caused by dryness and other skin conditions like rosacea . Dip a cotton ball in jojoba oil and apply it directly to the infected area. Use it twice daily .

    For oily Skin : Jojoba oil is best for oily skin too. It is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores . Jojoba oil stops the sebum from secreting more oil. Wash face and pat dry. Rub a small portion of this oil all over your face and neck. Jojoba oil contains many biological and mineral substances, which will give you a healthy and naturally glowing skin.

    Used As A Body Oil : Jojoba oil can be applied also to the body prior to bathing. It hydrates your body adequately, so you can safely skip body lotion after bathing. It is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and promotes blood flow, which will give glowing skin

    Moisturizes Skin : Rub a small quantity of jojoba oil on face and hands before you sleep and wash it off in the morning. It make skin soft and supple. It has a high amount of ceramides, which cover the skin cells and are responsible for the regulation of their hydration.

    Good Makeup Remover : Jojoba oil has good cleansing properties and can be used as a makeup remover and facial cleanser. This oil helps in removing all traces of makeup instantly.

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