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Kalp Lavender Essential oil - 100% Natural & Undiluted
  • Kalp Lavender Essential oil - 100% Natural & Undiluted

    100% Pure, Natural, Undiluted & Therapeutic Grade Best For Aromatherapy,Diffuser, Skin, Hair, Face

    Make your own bath scrubs : Use sugar , Oilive Oil , And Lavender oil to create a wonder ful scrub for rough skin.

    Headache : Rub some lavender oil on temples and forhead , If you also have peppermint oil, tthe combination of lavender oil and peppermint oil in a carrier oil it work wonderful for headache

    Wrinkles : lavender oil is excellent to the skin to maintain youthful glow

    Caln pets : lavender oil is wonderful to use with pets who are excited , anxious or aggressive

    Natural air deodorizer : Add lavender oil to vaporizer or a diffuser when you have allergies and colds.

    CALMING AND TRANQUIL AROMATHERAPY - The natural sedative nature of lavender is extracted from the plant so you can enjoy all the benefits of a calm, relaxed, and stress-free mind and body.

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