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Kalp Lemon Essential Oil And Orange Essential oil
  • Kalp Lemon Essential Oil And Orange Essential oil

    • 📌EXCLUSIVE 2-IN-1 SET OF ESSENTIAL OILS: Kalp Presents a Set of 2 best Essential Oils in One. Orange Essential Oil & Lemon Essential Oil. Both of these Essential Oils have their own therapeutic properties and Are Widely used for Aromatherapy and Beauty-Care.
    • 📌PLEASING AROMA: Both of these essential oils in this pack have distinct fragrances that do wonders in the home, office, spa centres, and other places. Use one or a combination of these essential oils to eliminate the foul smell from the interiors for freshening up. Further, all of these essential oils are best for use with aroma diffusers.
    • 📌Orange Oil For improving mood: When you feel anxious or depressed, the anti-depressive and anxiolytic properties of orange essential oil can act as an instant pick-me-up. For better result add 2-3 drops of oil in a diffuser
    • 📌Lemon Oil for Skin: Add A few drops of lemon essential oil in bath water to rejuvenate & cleanse skin, as well as it improves mood also. having clean scent & therapeutic properties makes skin feel cleansed from deep pores, mix some drops of lemon essential oil in 50ml distilled water & store in a bottle, and soak clean cotton ball in it & use it for wiping out dust from face.
    • 📌Good Acne Fighter: Having a powerful ingredients like Antioxidants, Vitamin C & Citric Acid lemon and orange essential oil is good anti acne oil , for that take some drops of lemon oil & or orange oil mix it with carrier oil like coconut or argan or other carrier oil and massage gently face will gradually eliminate acne with zero side effects .
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